Baneshwar Mahadev Mandir in Nasrapur - Pune

Baneshwar Mahadev Mandir is a famous old medieval period temple dedicated to Lord Shiva located in Nasrapur village, on Pune-Bangalore highway.

This famous mandir is present at a distance of about 36 km from southwest of Pune district in Maharashtra state.

Baneshwar Temple Information:

Primary Deity Lord Shiva
Location Baneshwar
District Pune
State Maharashtra
Pincode 412213
Best Time Between August and February
Date Built 1749
Country India

The temple is just 2 to 3 km away from Nasrapur junction.

Lord Shiva is the primary deity of Baneshwar Shiva Temple.

It is one of the best temple and a good picnic spot to visit with family and friends in a one-day trip from Pune.

Baneshwar temple is at a distance of about 200 km from Mumbai.
Baneshwar Mandir in Nasrapur Pune
Baneshwar Temple Nasrapur phata in Pune

Baneshwar Temple Brief History:

Baneshwar temple was constructed by Balaji Baji Rao (Nana Saheb), son of the great Peshwa Bajirao 1 in the year 1749.

He was a Peshwa (prime minister) of the Maratha Empire in India that existed from 1674 to 1818.

The Baneshwar temple resembles the medieval period architecture.

In Marathi language, "Ban" means forest and "Ishwar" means the ruler (God). Hence, Baneshwar means "God of the Forest".
Baneshwar Mandir Entrance Pune

Baneshwar Mahadev Temple Attractions:

Baneshwar region is a forest conserve area and wildlife sanctuary where a variety of rare birds, plants and flowers can be spotted. There is beautiful waterfall present behind the Baneshwar Mandir premises.
Tortoise Image at Baneshwar Mandir Pune

The temple has an important antique bell (With year 1683 and a cross mentioned on it).

It was captured as a token of victory by Chimaji Appa (Shreemant Chimaji Ballal Peshwa) after great victory over Portuguese in the battle of Bassien Fort in 1739.
Nandi at Baneshwar Temple

Baneshwar is also a best place for nature lovers who like to do mountain trekking and jungle adventures.

The pleasant and peaceful surrounding jungle atmosphere of the temple is a best place to escape from polluted city environment and busy life.
Baneshwar Mandir Mahrashtra
Tourists can find small hotels and stalls in front of the temple serving Tea, Coffee, Snacks and Pooja items. Ample parking space is available for the vehicles at the entrance of the temple.

The temple has a couple of small water ponds (Kund or Koneru), where you can find some small aquatic animals like turtles and fish.
Fishes at Baneshwar Temple
It is a very calm and peaceful Lord Shiva temple with full of lush greenery.
Baneshwar Mandir Pune

Best Time to Visit Baneshwar Temple:

The best time to visit this ancient temple is between August and February. It is one of the best place to visit in winter and rainy season.
Baneshwar Lord Shiva Temple Pune

How to reach Baneshwar Temple:

Frequent MSRTC Government buses are available to reach the temple from Pune city.
Baneshwar Lord Shiva Temple Pune

What to See in Baneshwar:

Baneshwar Temple, Baneshwar waterfall and surrounding forest, Baneshwar Botanical garden, kids park and antique bell at the temple.
Park at Baneshwar  Temple

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Baneshwar Temple Route Map:

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