Yerragudipadu village is famous for the presence of ancient historical Sri Lakshmi Chenna Kesava Swamy Temple dedicated to Sri Lakshmi Che...

Sri Lakshmi Chenna Kesava Swamy Temple at Yerragudipadu, Kadapa

Yerragudipadu village is famous for the presence of ancient historical Sri Lakshmi Chenna Kesava Swamy Temple dedicated to Sri Lakshmi Chenna Kesava Swamy and Maha Lakshmi.

This small village located 6 km away from Kamalapuram Mandal in Kadapa District of Andhra Pradesh State, India.

Sri Lakshmi Chenna Kesava Swamy Temple at Yerragudipadu

About Yerragudipadu Temple:

It comes under Rayalaseema region. It is about 32 km from District head quarters Kadapa and 358 KM from Hyderabad.

The architecture of the temple is simply beautiful and awesome. If once we get into this big ancient temple, everyone goes into the memories of past era.

Yerragudipadu Temple

The temple highlights the historical architecture that was built by Sree Krishna Deva Rayalu in ancient days.

The temple is more famous for the first Telugu Script inscriptions that are excavated on one of the Temple’s rockwall.

People can see these inscriptions even today at the temple of Yerragudipadu.

Devotees can also plan to stay night in Yerragudipadu inside the temple and make their wish come true. The villagers are friendlier with the visitors and help in offering basic needs you want.

Deities at Yerragudipadu:

The temple encloses god Ganesh at the back left side of the main temple, beside that 4 snake (naga) idols under peepal tree (Ravi Chettu), main temple of Sri Lakshmi Chenna Kesava Swamy, beside right of the main temple goddesses Maha Lakshmi Devi.

Garuda Vahana is present at the front of Dwajasthambam to the main temple and Anjaneya Swami at the left side entrance of gateway.

Sri Lakshmi Chenna Kesava Idol Yerragudipadu

Lord Hanuman - Yerragudipadu temple near Kamalapuram

There are two preists who perform sacred rituals in the temple each for every 6 months. They do well in performing daily poojas for all the deities in the temple.

Yerragudipadu temple

Yerragudipadu temple near Kamalapuram

Yerragudipadu temple near Kadapa

Festivals at Yerragudipadu Temple:

Most of the people visit the temple at major festival times of Hindu religion and there will be huge crowd around the temple and village.

For Sravana and Karthika months, there will be special rituals to the deities in the temple. People who wish to do Swami Meravani will perform on Sankranthi festival.

Yerragudipadu temple Dwajastambham

Languages Spoken at Yerragudipadu:

The native language of Yerragudipadu village people is Telugu. Also they speak Urdu and English for communication.

How to Reach Yerragudipadu:


There is well road connectivity from Kadapa to Yerragudipadu. Previously there were RTC buses going into Yerragudipadu village. But now the buses stop at the main road of the village and from there people can avail sharing autos to reach the temple. The temple is just 1 km away from the main road.


Kamalapuram Rail Way Station (6.8 km) and Yerraguntla Rail Way Station (8.5 km) were the nearest railway stations to reach Yerragudipadu.

Kadapa railway station (connecting Guntakal-Chennai line to Mumbai) and Krishnapuram Rail Way Station are the nearby railway Stations from Kadapa. The major railway station is Tirupati Rail Way Station at 158 KM to Yerragudipadu.

The distance of nearby railway stations to Yerragudipadu (YGD) are:
  1. Kamalapuram Rly Station (KKM - 7 km)
  2. Yerraguntla Junction (YA - 8 km)
  3. Proddatur Railway Station (PRDT - 22 km)
  4. Kadapa Railway Station (HX - 31 km)

The nearest airport to Yerragudipadu is Cuddapah Airport located at 21.3 km.

Neaby Attractions in Kadapa:

As Kadapa is nearby city, tourists can have a stay in Kadapa and visit famous temple of Laxmi Venkateswara located in Devuni Kadapa (4 km from Kadapa city), Lankamalleshwara Wildlife Sanctuary (15 km from Kadapa city) and historical Ameen Peer Dargah (within Kadapa city).

Nearby Tourist Attractions:

Some of the best tourist places that you can visit when you are in Yerragudipadu and Kamalapuram are:
  1. Brahmamgari Matham Temple
  2. Mylavaram Dam
  3. Ontimitta (Tallapaka Temples)
  4. Pushpagiri (2nd Hampi)
  5. Tirupati Tirumala Temple
  6. Ahobilam Lord Narasimha Swamy Temple
  7. Gandi Veera Anjaneya Swami Temple
  8. Mahanandi Temple
  9. Belum Caves
  10. Gandikota Fort

Sri Lakshmi Chennakesava Swamy Temple Route Map:

Author Note:

It's my Sister’s Ilavelpu (Personal Home God) who daily prays him.

Their family even took responsibilities in developing the temple maintenance and regularly visits this temple on all occasions.

All their family members and relatives donate some good amount of money every year for the development of this temple.

My sister shared complete information about Sri Lakshmi Chenna Kesava Swamy Temple at Yerragudipadu.

I was very much inspired and decided to share the temple information with you all in this post.

My Sis & Brother-in-Law at Yerragudipadu Temple

Yerragudipadu Temple

So, I asked her to give complete details of this temple in her own words and also asked her to provide nice high quality photos to make the readers, get aware of this famous historic Indian temple near Kadapa District.

Upon reading this post, I hope everyone plans to visit this famous temple at-least once in their life-time. If you get inspire of this article, let me hear your opinions in the comments section here.

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