Sri Kamakshi Sametha Ramalingeswara Swamy Temple in Chakirala

Sri Kamakshi Sametha Ramalingeswara Swamy Temple is an ancient divine temple located in Chakirala village in Kanigiri Mandal.

Lord Shiva is the presiding deity of this ancient temple which is located in a peaceful village environment.

Sri Kamakshi Sametha Ramalingeswara Swamy Temple in Chakirala
Ramalingeswara Swamy at Chakirala Temple

The main God and Goddess to visit in this temple includes: Ramalingeswara Swamy, Kamakshi Devi, Lord Hanuman, Lord Vinayaka and Navagrahas.

This is a very sacred temple for my family as my fore-fathers lived in Chakirala for a very long period of time and were once archakas for this temple.

Chakirala Sri Kamakshi Sametha Ramalingeswara Swamy Temple near Kanigiri
Chakirala Temple Main View

Later, they all shifted to different places and settled there. This is one of the main reason for me to visit this great temple and seek the blessings of Lord Kamakshi Sametha Ramalingeswara Swamy present in Chakirala.

About Chakirala Village:

Chakirala is a small village panchayat in Kanigiri Mandal of Prakasam District, Andhra Pradesh State. Chakirala is located between Kanigiri and Mogalluru.

The main language spoken at Chakirala is Telugu. Ongole is the District head quarter and is located at a distance of approximately 75 km from Chakirala.

Sri Kamakshi Temple Chakirala
Kamakshi Ammavaru at Chakirala

Chakirala Temple History:

There is a mythological story behind this ancient Kamakshi Sametha Ramalingeswara Swamy temple in Chakirala. Once upon a time there lived a cowherd in Chakirala at the present temple location.

He had a great cow in his possession which gave birth to a beautiful calf. Surprisingly, cow emptied her udder every night and did not yield any milk during the daytime.

Lord Ganapathi at Chakirala Temple
Lord Ganapthi at Chakirala Temple

Therefore, to find the actual reason behind the lack of milk from the cow, the cowherd decided to observe the cow during the night time. So, he hid himself in a secret place and watched the actions of the cow.

He saw a black figure coming towards the cow and consumed all of its milk. Immediately, cowherd aimed a blow with his axe on the direction of the figure approaching the cow.

Navagrahas at Chakirala Temple
Navagrahas at Chakirala Temple

The cowherd was shocked when the black figure transformed into Shiva Lingam. He fell down immediately and soon died of shock.

Later a temple for Lord Shiva was constructed at this place by the devotees. Even today one can notice a scratch mark created by the axe on Shiva Lingam.

Nandiswara at Chakirala Temple
Nandiswara at Chakirala Temple

How to Reach the Chakirala Temple:

One can easily reach Chakirala by road. APSRTC run frequent buses to Chakirala from nearby town Kanigiri. Kandukur is the nearest main city to Chakirala

Food and Accommodation:

One can find good hotels, restaurants and accommodation facilities at Kanigiri Town which is just few kilometers away from Chakirala.

Lord Hanuman at Chakirala Temple
Lord Hanuman at Chakirala Temple

Nearby Villages and Cities:

  1. Kanigiri [5.3 km]
  2. Ballipalle [18.7 km]
  3. Mogalluru [3.1 km]
  4. Markapur [60.8 km]
  5. Ongole [79.7 km]
  6. Giddalur [85.1 km]
  7. Kandukur [48.9 km]
Sri Kamakshi Mata at chakirala Temple
Sri Kamakshi Mata at chakirala Temple

Chakirala Temple Location:

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