Nandavaram Temple: Nandavaram is best known for the famous Chowdeshwari Devi [Kasi Vishalakshi] Temple. Nandavaram is a small village in...

Nandavaram Chowdeshwari Devi Temple - History and Attractions

Nandavaram Temple:

Nandavaram is best known for the famous Chowdeshwari Devi [Kasi Vishalakshi] Temple.

Nandavaram is a small village in the Banagana Palli town (mandal) of Kurnool District of Andhra Pradesh state.

Nandavaram Temple Info:

Primary Deity Chowdeswari Devi
Village Nandavaram
Mandal Banaganapalli
District Kurnool
State Andhra Pradesh
Pincode 518124
Contact +91 97012 61622

Nandavaram is earlier days called as Nandavarapuram and in much earlier days it is called as Anandavarapuram.

Nandavaram Chowdeshwari Devi Temple

It is said that the Godess Chowdeshwari has come all the way from Varanasi to Nandavaram via an underground tunnel [which you can see in the temple premisis] in just one day.

Srichakra is present infront of the deity so, the piligrims can perform kunkuma Archana by paying a nominal fee.

nadavaram temple

Nandavaram Chowdeshwari devi is the presiding deity of Nandavarik Brahmin community and so, they took great responsibility in funding this temple as well as providing basic amenities to the piligrims.

Nandavarik Brahmins are allowed to enter the garbhagriha and perform the pooja rituals to Godess Chowdeshwari devi. Throughout the year many devotees come here to visit this famous temple.

The present Nandavaram village is at a distance of around 1 km from the temple.

Interesting Facts about Nandavaram Temple:

nandavaram chowdeshwari devi temple

Nandana Chakravarthy has built this famous temple. The original Chowdeshwari moorthi looked very fearful to watch.

So, it was kept hidden behind the garbhagriha doors and a similar Chowdeshwaridevi deity was made with simiar resemblance but with less fearful lookings.

It is this fearless deity that all the piligrims can see today in this ancient temple.

The height of Chowdeshwari temple is adjusted now to create the required elevation for the new deity to sit perfectly above the original Godess hidden in this temple.

It is a sacred place and is regarded as the Kasi of Thogata Veera Kshatriyas.

The 60 feet high Gopuram built it the early 16th century is another main attraction of this temple. It resembles the Dravidian style architecture.

The temple koneru is present at some distance towards right side from the temple and is puriied during festivals and jataras to allow devotees to perform a holy dip.

Nandavaram Distance:

Nandavaram village is located between Panyam and Banagana Palli/Banaganapalle road.The distance of this temple from nearby places are:
  1. Banaganapalli [11km]
  2. Panyam [19 km]
  3. Yaganti [21 km]
  4. Nandyal [32 km]
  5. Mahanandi [49 km]
  6. Kurnool [75 km]
  7. Hyderabad [287 km]
  8. Bangalore [348 km]

Festivals Celebrated at Nandavaram:

The main festivals celebrated in Nandavaram are Chowdeshwari Jatra and Devi Navaratrulu.

During Devi Navaratrulu period devotees from Andhra Pradesh and other states come here to get the blessings of the Divine Mother at Nandavaram.

Chandi Homa is performed on the 9th day of Navaratri. Shri Chowdeshwari Devi Jyoti Ustav is celebrated for 3 days during Ugadi festival period.

Goddess Chowdeswari Jyoti celebrations in Nandavaram village are organized on a large scale every year by locals and devotees in the months of March and April.

Lakhs of devotees throng to Nandavaram during this Tirunala period from Kurnool, Karnataka, Maharashtra and other neighboring states.

A large number of devotees visit this ancient temple every Monday, Tuesday and especially Friday.

Accommodation at Nandavaram:

Free food and accommodation facility is available at Nandavaram temple.
  1. Arya Vysya Nithya Anna Dhana Sathram
  2. Nandavareeka Nitya Anna Satram, [Nandavareeka Bhavanam - Adjacent to the temple]
  3. Brahmana Anna Dana Satram

Nandavaram Temple History:

The story begins with King Somendrudu belonging to Chandravansh or Chandra Vamsam dynasty coming to southern part of India and making Nandavaram as the capital city.

Many years later, Vuttanga Bhujudu son of Somendrudu became king after him and had built around 301 temples during his rule and ordered each temple to be looked after by one of the Brahmin family in his kingdom.

The king had two beautiful wives named Charumati and Chaturamati. Chaturamati, the elder queen was blessed with a cute baby boy named Nandudu.

One night Vuttunga Bhujudu got a vision, in which the future told him that his son Nandudu will become Nandana Samrat Chakravarthy in the future. At the age of 16, Nandudu became Yuvaraja.

nandavaram chowdeshwari temple

One day Billa Nayakudu, Mallikarjuna Swamy Bhaktudu and Sabara Swamy Maha Veerudu came to the king Vuttanga Bhujudu and complained that Tigers and cruel forest animals were killing their domestic animals and causing damage to their paddy crops.

After listening to them, King Vuttanga Bhujudu along with his son and queen, decided to go to Srisailam and reduce animal cruelty.

One day afternoon, Nandudu alone went into the Srisailam forest for hunting and saw a Muni also named Nandudu doing severe Tapas below a tree near Pathala Ganga.

Muni gave Lord Dattatreya Mantropadesam to Nandudu and praised him as the Chakravarthy and also foretold a new state will be built on your name and suddenly disappeared in front of him.

Later, Nandudu realized that the Muni he saw was is non other than Srisaila Mallikarjuna Swamy.

Nandudu was later married to Shashirekha, the daughter of Panchala king. After Vuttanga Bhujudu decided to go for Vanaprasta, Nandudu taken over full kingdom and was crowned as new Emporer.

He built Lord Dattatreya Swamy temple and appointed a Purohit to perform the daily rituals. One night Lord Dattatreya appeared in a dream to the new Emporer who expressed a lot of desire to visit the holy Ganges river every morning.

Dattatreya Swamy informed that his Padukas will become visible by the side of his statue tomorrow and asked him to keep it in his Pooja room and keep this matter as a secret.

Lord Dattatreya told Nandudu to wear the Padukalu and visit any place he wished in his mind in no time.

One day Shashirekha found that Nandudu is missing at the early morning hours and gone to search for him at Lord DattatreyaSwamy temple at Nandavaram. She then returned and slept quietly.

Nandudu, who just returned from Kasi realized that it is not good to keep this matter secret anymore and next day took Shashirekha to top of the palace and put on Padukalu and instantly they arrived at the Dashameda bathing ghat.

The king explained how Divya Padukalu helped him reach these destinations quickly.After hearing this, Shashirekha feels sorry as she is out of doors and can take a bath in holy Ganges after the 5th day.


Nandaraju realized he has committed mistake and approached Veda Pandits at the nearby temple for help.

They are happy to help the King and in return Nanda Raju said that he would offer his town to the Pandits in return to the help he received. Then, 500 Pandits performed the Dosha Nivarana Kriyas.

After that both Nandaraju and Shashirekha returned to Nandavaram. Some years later, Kasi was hit by a huge famine and the Kasi Veda Pandits decided to go to Nandavaram and seek the help of Nandudu.

Instead of all 500 families going to Nandavarm, only 13 heads of Gothrams are selected to go and pursue with Nandaraju and get all the help he has promised to them earlier in Kasi. Nandaraju lied he is unaware of his earlier promise.

Peddibhattu from Kasi listened to the King answer in great patience and said in front of the Mantri in Sabha that Nandudu had made this promise in front of Sri Chamundeswari Mata and we request her to come here and disclose the actual truth.

King thought in his heart that if Mata comes here, then Nandavaram will also become a new Divya Kshetram.

Then Nandaraju Mantri ordered the Veda Pandits to bring Chamundeswari Devi Mata as witness to Nandavarm and he will arrange the required purnahuti and mangala vadayams to welcome her.

Then, four Pandits belonging to different Gothra's went to Kasi and prayed Chamundeswari Mata.
  1. Brahmashri Avadhanam Peddibhattu - Srivatsa Gothram
  2. Tharka Shastram Madhava Bhattu - Vasistasa Gothram
  3. Puranam Shridhara Bhattu - Bharadwaja Gothram
  4. Varthakam kamalanabha pandithudu - Harithasa Gothram
They performed Homas, Poojas and finally Mata appeared in front of them and they requested to come here to Nandavaram. Mata said that she will follow in Tejo Roopam.

So, they all started their journey and reached Nandavaram by early morning. The Pandits looked back with curiosity and immediately Mata turned into a Vigraham at that place.

nandavaram chowdeshwari devi

Devi informed that I will stay here at Nandavar and ordered 500 brahmin families to stay along with her as Nandavarika Brahmins.

Later, NandaRaju has built a beautiful temple for Chowdeswari Mata who stayed here in Nandavaram as Swarna Vigrarupam. Since then, daily Poojas are performed with great devotion at this temple.

I shortened this story collecting from other sources to give more information about this divine temple in Nandavaram after getting good response from the readers about this post.

If there are any mistakes in the story, let me know in the comments section and I will rectify it soon.

Nandavaram Chowdeshwari Devi Photos:

nandavaram chowdeshwari devi temple

nandavaram temple

nandavaram temple

Nandavaram Temple Timings:

Nandavaram Chowdeshwari Devi Temple timings are as follows-

Morning Evening
Daily 6:00 AM to 1:00 PM 3:00 PM to 8:30 PM
Sunday 6:00 AM to 2:00 PM 3:00 PM to 8:30 PM

Website and Contact Details:

Readers can get more information about Nandavaram Chowdeshwari Devi Temple at:

Nandavaram Temple Address:

    Nandavaram Chowdeshwari Devi Temple
    Kurnool District,
    Andhra Pradesh -518124

nandavaram chowdeshwari

Getting to Nandavaram:

By Train:

The nearest railway station is at Panem/Panyam [19 KM away].

By Bus:

Nandavaram is well connected with road networks coming from Nandyal and Banagana Pally.

By Air:

The nearest Airport is in Kadapa and Hyderabad.

Nearby Tourist Attractions:

  1. 1. Mahanandi Temple
  2. 2. Yaganti
  3. 3. Banaganapalle
  4. 4. Kottur Subrahmanyeswara Swamy Temple

Nandavaram Temple Route Map:

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  1. Dear Ramu, Good work done. I have recently visited Nandavaram when I went to Banagani palli and also yaganti. The Priest of the temple told history of the temple - The King Nanda Chakravarthy used to visit Kasi every day night to visit Goddess Visalakshi and returning back, wearing a footwear which can take to Kasi instantly. Once his wife accompanied and due to monthly mensuration at Kasi, foot wear lost its power. both return back. ......... Group of devotees visited king and said that they have seen him at Kasi. King said that he has not gone there. So those devotees asked Kasi visalakshi to witness and the goddess agreed but said that she shall stop following once they turn back in the journey. When they came to nandavaram, because of no sounds of goddess walking they turned back and at that spot Godess was inshrined there. This is what is told by poojari there.
    Any how I congratulate you for your good work in the blog. Challa Rama Gopal, Hyderabad

    1. Thanks Challa Rama Gopal Garu, for providing this useful information.

      I heard about this story, but not included while writing this blog post. Sure, I am going to add this information and make this post more helpful to others.

  2. May I kow the special days of Chowdeshwari devi amma varu in a week like for Sai baba it is on Thursday

    1. I believe Friday is one of the most auspicious day for worshipping Nandavaram Sri Chowdeshwari Devi. [Worship of Shakti in the form of Durga, Kali and other forms is considered highly auspicious on Friday.]
      For more information on which Week is associated with a particular God, viewers can see this useful pdf file:

  3. Dear Mr Ramu, kindly provide contact numbers of the Satrams and more importantly the temple archaka or manager for arranging pooja. regards. VishG

    1. Thanks Viswanath for your comment. I will update the post once I find the right contact details.

  4. Respected sir, good information about the temple. What are historical updates of this temple, mean who built this temple and when.

  5. Hello sir ... Fantastic story... I was actually reading something and found this article... I have read that king kubja vishnuvardhana got blessed by Nanda bhagavathi devi... And then searching for her temple in Andhra region... Found this article...

    Just wanted to know, this temple anyway related to kubja vishnuvardhana period???

    Would like to know more about it sir..

    Will read the other articles of your blog..thanks for sharing the knowledge..

  6. I see a moustache like thing above the mouth of Goddess. Please kindly let me know if it is my misconception or if there is any significance for that. Thank you

  7. Lot of useful information. Good work . I had visited this recently end also visited "dathatreya padukalu " half km distance from chowdeswari temple . Very happy i was that day . I want to know more about the temple ,while this information very detailed .and I want to know that where is dathatreya temple in nandavaram it was mentioned here that "king nandanudu built a dathatreya temple". Is it in nandavaram or somewhere else .if know you kindly reply me . Thankyou



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